Our Philosophy

Raceview Congregational Kindergarten uses a Qld Govt Education Department curriculim within a Christian environment. We do include appropriate Bible stories in our program while celebrating Christian events such as Easter and Christmas.  We believe the Christian philosophy is important in relation to the moral and ethical upbringing of children and that the early years of learning are vitally important for the development of self as a learner and for laying the foundation of later learning.

We endeavour to earn the respect of our families and the community through commitment, dedication, trustworthiness and educational expertise.

The Environment

We provide an environment that is safe, happy, caring and inclusive, that is aesthetically pleasing, and that evolves throughout the year with purposeful selection of good quality, appropriate resources.

Our environment invites families and children to become an active part of our centre.

We believe that structure and predictability (both physical and in delivery of the program) help children to feel in control of their environment.

For Families

We promote positive partnerships with families through open communication and support. We embrace diversity and respond to changing individual family needs. We believe families are children’s most valued teachers and their involvement is encouraged as an important part of the program. We have an “open door’ policy so parents are welcome at any time.  Parents are encouraged to “do roster”, help with yard maintenance and participate in management and fundraising committees.

For Staff

We foster each staff member’s professional development and actively seek learning opportunities to ensure we keep pace with current developments in Early Childhood Education. 

The Children

We believe every child is a capable and competent learner who comes to kindy with a unique set of experiences and learnings. We value each child’s individuality and believe that we can scaffold their learning best when we are familiar with their individual interests, families and cultural heritages.  

We liaise with services and seek resources to enrich our program.  We communicate with specialists to assist in planning an enriching environment for children with additional needs.

We believe that through play children learn about, and make sense of, themselves and the world around them.

We believe that children learn best when they feel safe, supported and appreciated; when they actively participate in varied, challenging and interesting experiences.    We believe that through these learning experiences children explore, investigate and express themselves, plus independence and co-operation are encouraged, and appropriate behaviour is reinforced.

We empower children to make choices and take ownership of their play in order that they will learn to take responsibility for themselves, to co-operate with others and to effectively resolve conflicts. 

We value of the process of children’s work rather than simply admiring the finished product.

We celebrate the learning and make it visible by displaying learning stories and publishing our own books about what we learnt.   We organise special events for families to connect with and celebrate the learning with their children.