About Us

Raceview Congregational Kindergarten has been an important part of the Ipswich community for over 50 years. Opening in 1968, as, originally, a Kindy and Pre school centre it has grown to become a leading community Kindergarten providing high quality educational programs for children aged 3 and 4 years.

Raceview Congregational Kindergarten is unique in that it offers the traditional 3 days per week 4 year old Kindy program plus a 2 days a week Little Kindy program for 3 year olds. Children by the end of their 2 year stay at the Kindy are well and truly prepared for Prep and on the path to life long learning.

The Kindergarten is part of the Raceview Congregational Church which has been serving the Raceview and Ipswich community for over a 150 years. As a community Kindergarten it has its own operations committee which includes members of staff and members of Kindy families. As part of the church community, however, our Kindy families also have access to various support networks and other children and family activities.

The Kindy operates within the core values of the church in that we aim to ensure that every child and Kindy family will feel safe, cared for, loved, valued, nurtured and supported while a part of the Kindy community.  

We are proud of our long standing reputation of offering a high quality program for 3 and 4 year old children. Our educators use the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and the C and K Listening and Learning Together to inform the curriculum.

Our physical environment boasts a richly resourced indoor classroom and a large welcoming outdoor area with real grass, established trees and play equipment promoting gross motor development, imaginative play and music appreciation. The ever popular Kindy chickens, budgies and fish, plus our vegetable garden give the children the opportunity to care for and appreciate living things and to practice sustainability.

Our friendly and fully qualified teacher and teacher aides will provide a safe and supportive environment in which your children can grow and learn.

What Our Families are Saying

If you are after a kindy where all children are catered for, then you will want your child here. The teaching staff are the best around. Kind, caring, fun and professional. 2 of my children attended both kindy age groups and my 3rd has just started there. All prep teachers who have worked with my eldest 2 have sung the praises of their kindy and pre prep teachers.

Two of my three boys have been to Raceview Kindy including the 3 year old kindy program and I would recommend it to anyone. The yard is also amazing which played a big part in my decision. The teachers are amazing and my boys cant wait to go each morning which tells me a lot!

This kindy is amazing! My 2 eldest children went through little kindy & kindy & I can’t wait for my youngest to attend. The teachers are caring & inspirational. They are amazing people & are more than happy to call them my friends. Would recommend this kindy to anyone.

love. community. growth.
Join a Kindergarten that puts children and their gifts and talents first.

Fantastic kindy with great teachers. Great education program that is taught with love, patience and understanding. We could not be more impressed with this kindy.

My child loves this Kindy, the teachers here are amazing!!